Volumio Rivo is the Eisa Awards Digital Player 2023-24 winner




How can you call the “best product” with so many problems, the developer does not answer my questions and this is considered client-oriented?

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Please consider that people go on holidays during July/ August, Volumio Sarl is no exception. So, response might not be quite as fast as it normally is.
I suppose you opened a support ticket to get the premium support you are entitled to?

Since June 14, no one has answered me, don’t you think that the vacation is some kind of long.

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Hi all, I have bought a used rivo via ebay. Great product. But I only have volumio free instead of volumio premium. I thought volumio premium is standard with rivo?
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You should get all premium functions, but don’t know if there is any specifics around the transfer of the licence. Create a support ticket so should Volumio be able to help you.

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you can login with a free account, all the premium features will be active anyhow

Sorry, overlooked this message. Where did you ask your question? Via our official support channels or here in the community?

Hi Gregor,
even if you see your account as free (although it shall not be the case if you update your device firmware) you have all the premium features enabled.

Simply put, all the premium features are already enabled even if you are not logged in in MyVolumio.

I wrote to the contact DED.

I see. Forum private messages are not monitored, as our support team already monitors many channels (forum public messages, tickets, emails and social).

We’ll add an auto responder to private messages to notify that.

I recommend to use our contact form if you have enquiries:

Good afternoon, I would like to see in the next update the ability to delete unnecessary tracks in the volumio application.I have a rivo source.in order not to constantly connect the hard drive to the computer in order to delete tracks or files, please make it possible to delete tracks.