Volumio Rivo first impressions

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We are not sure why it happens intermittently, but it’s related to retrieving your timezone settings. Anyway, fix is coming soon, thanks for reporting

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Got my Rivo today.

Setup worked like a charm, after 10 minutes everything is up and running, Qobuz connected, music from external SSD indexed, no problems at all.

I connected it to a Heed Obelisk DAC, both via USB and Coax S/PDIF.
The sound quality via USB is comparable to my Raspi4/DigiOne combo.

The amazing stuff happens via Coax S/PDIF: very musical, precise, transparent sound, less rough edges.
An almost “analog” soundscape (I listen analog a lot, too), natural experience.

Of course, the differences are not gigantic, but they are clearly noticeable, and I confirmed with a direct A/B comparison.

In summary, I am very happy with the Rivo, it is clearly worth its money.

Kudos to the Volumio team for making a great product!

Happy listening,

– Reiner


Hey Reiner,

Haven’t used USB myself, but I can confirm your finding of the Coax out. I’m even using a Coax to Toslink converter towards my DAC, but the output is just awesome indeed. (There is a lot of quality difference in those converters by the way, I tried many and the most ‘simple’ one is the best. Powered by a battery pack it sounds awesome)

I’ve been tweaking more things in the chain lately and the Rivo keeps shining, the source is so good, I keep being suprised by how good this digital source is. As long as the rest of your chain is not a bottleneck, you can really hear how good the Rivo is.

Two of my audio friends bought the Rivo too and they have the exact same experience, it’s just an audio bargain if you ask me! Keep up the good work Volumio!


Thanks for your impressions!

Do you hear a difference between Coax and Coax->Toslink? If yes, which converter do you use?
My DAC has a Toslink input, so I might want to give it a try …

Thanks, Reiner

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I use the converter out of necessity, I have quite an peculiar DAC with only one input, Toslink. So I would not advice you to try it, I would have loved to not use the converter. But even with a good converter it sounds awesome :slight_smile:

And I chose Coax over USB because the conversion of USB to Toslink is much more complex needing additional chips to do so. Coax to Toslink is a much simpler way of translation. And I firmly believe in a simple chain being the best. The same philosophy Volumio used when designing the Rivo… :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, I 'm surprised that coaxial connections are or give you better sound than USB…normally the USB connection IS better ! If a dac have a good implémentation of USB module, the USB way IS the way to go … I talk about this with the ingeneer of audio GD Mr Kingwa… And he tells me that a combo amanero USB interface IS Always better than a coaxial or optical way to send Data music to the dac …

But perhaps it IS the way with an audio GD D77. But i Know others brands of high end dacs that recommend the USB connection…

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I am not a specialist in digital signal processing, perhaps others, who are more knowledgeable, can comment.

I suspect that the S/PDIF interface and coax cable is less prone to jitter and inference than USB.

Even when I listened through my Raspberry, I got a notable improvement by using the DigiOne S/PDIF hat rather than plain USB.

It might also depend on what your USB source is.

Yes but with a good USB cable… A good implémentation of USB interface there are less conversions … So this IS why i find this strange…

Very high ends dacs recommend USB connection :+1:

So why it s very important to see how the USB output is done on a streamer…’

Normally I am using the coax out of the Rivo. I have tried the Rivo also with USB and Coaxial at my Gustard R26. I thought the USB connection sounded more solild and clear but not significant.

Quick question about buying Rivo in Canada.

Does anyone know of a good source with discount and no fuss warranty support in Canada?

Buying direct from Europe means shipping at my own expense if there are issues so I am hesitant to do so.

ordering from Volumio website includes shipping costs and custom duties

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Thanks for the information about shipping and warranty of Rivo, now I am comfortable to buy it direct, as soon as there is a sale on it!

I had a better look to our TOS, and I realized I wrote something wrong about shipping cost and custom duties under warranty period.

I truly apologize for that

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@Darmur thanks for the clarification. I tried looking for Canada retailers before for Rivo but couldn’t find one. The only information is for a distributor called Motet here in this news release. But they don’t list even on their main website they are Volumio distributor either. Hmm, it seems quite hard to buy it in Canada aside from direct, but the warranty and shipping might be a problem. Is anyone in here from Canada who has bought a Rivo successfully?

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@VolumioFan we don’t have retailers in Canada and US as we speak.

In any case, we regularly ship Volumio products all over the world and we like to treat our customers the best we can no matter where they come from. I understand you might be concerned by warranty, but let me tell you that historically our warranty returns rate have been very very low (less than 0,5%).


Hi… So you think that with a Rivo the sound will be better than a allo usbridge SIG running volumio and a Shanti low alimentation ? I use it with a USB hard drive connected to the allo usbridge. ???

Hi everyone, I hope this is the right place for my question. I consider buying the Rivo and I’m wondering if I could use my Anker PowerHouse 757 as a power supply. The idea is to use a passive cable with a USB-C and a 5.5 mm jack like this: ghentaudio --- DC29 Oyaide DC-2.1G/2.5G to USB DC Cable
From what I’ve read this configuration should output 5V 3A - exactly what the Rivo needs. Can anyone confirm that the USB PD outputs won’t deliver 20V or something right away and kill the streamer?