Volumio restart issues when Wifi hasn't started yet

I have two small remote cabins where we use Volumio as the sound system.

In both instances, we often power down everything when we leave, or due to some unreliable power networks, we often have power outages.

My issue is kind of strange, but when power is restored, the RasPi with Volumio will boot faster than the router will get the wifi network up. In this instance, Volumio doesn’t seem to appear on the network once the wifi network is up and running. My current solution is to reboot my Volumio device once the wifi network is online and then all is good.

My question I guess is have I done something wrong in the settings? Or is there a way Volumio will eventually find the network?


if your router isn’t there yet the pi will not get a ip on dhcp so that would be normal.

btw. power outages while running could corrupt the system.
so it would be handy to have a backup.

Ok thanks. Yes, a backup SD card would be a good idea. Will do that. Otherwise, I will simply restart the Pi after the router.