Volumio Remote Control with LED and basic function

I have been working on a remote control for the Volumio for the past 3 months. Maybe this is intersting to you an you would like to rebuild it.

This IoT device can be used to control the Volumio system in another room or installed behind any furnitures. The device always shows the currently playing music from Volumio. It is battery operated and can be transported anywhere in your wifi network. In contrast to the mobile control of Volumio, the device is quicker to access and always on.

It supports the following functions:

  • WiFi connect to network
  • IO Socket connection for Volumio music player
  • Display of current playing music
  • visualisiation for OLED 128 x 64 monochrome
  • play, pause and volume control
  • Remote control support
  • Battery Management (3.7V Lithium)

I’ve done a short Video of the device where you can see it in action. Here the link:

I’ve used an old egg clock case to place the microcontroler and all the other stuff you need.

The building instructions, part list and the source code are available at github: GitHub - matze-media/Volumio-Control-ESP32: External controller for volumio music player using Arduino ESP32.

So If anyone like to rebuild it feel free and show me your solution. It is not to complicated.


There is another thread from @ drvolcano WiFi remote for Volumio based on ESP32 and OLED witch is similar and a great work. I really have to thank @ drvolcano for his IO Socket libraries I’ve used now instead of my older rest API connection.