Volumio Raspery Pie + Hdd

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Hi guys, im using volumio through a raspery pie 4 + dac + hdd for streaming, and for the most part alls good, but whenever i add new music to the hdd or move music to other folders volumio dosent recognise the new music or change. Any ideas what the problem may be or for an easy way round this ?

Regards, Lee
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you have to rescan your libary settings > sources > rescan or update
rescan will do full rescan and update only the updated part.

Hi, thanks for answer and quick responce.
Sorry for whats probably a dumb ? but how does one re-scan or update

it’s standing explained in the post go to settings in the left menu,
after that you pick sources this is the first on top… this will take you to,
sources and then left top you will find update and rescan
after this wait till it’s finishes and now you can find your added songs…

Thanks again, now sorted, much appreciated.

your welcome :slight_smile: