Volumio Rainmeter Skin

I’m trying to get a Volumio skin for Rainmeter up and running, which would display info about the currently playing song on my Windows desktop. I’m thinking the easiest way to do this would be to use the webparser plugin and scrape the currently playing song/artist/album/etc. from the volumio.local HTML page. However, when I view the source of volumio.local, all I get is empty e.g. tags… I was expecting to find something like (song name here).

I’m assuming there must be some JavaScript or something that inserts the song name etc. without changing the HTML. So my question is, is there another page or any other way to use a web scraper to get details about the currently playing song?

Another approach would be to bypass the HTML front end and query MPD directly. I figure this would be much more difficult, but if anyone has any ideas, I’m all ears. Thanks.

Found it: volumio.local/_player_engine.php.

are you still working on it ? or is it made already :slight_smile:

I did figure it out. I haven’t used Rainmeter in a couple years now, but last I can remember it did work. Here’s the file: MusicVolumio.txt (3.1 KB)

Rename to *.inc and place in your @Resources\Measures directory. Note that this is not a complete skin, so you’ll have to modify your meters to reference it, etc.

did you ever get the local images ? i’m still building mine your script helpt me with the counters

I don’t recall. Looks like I had that one commented out so either it didn’t work or it was too much of a performance hit to be worth it.

it looks like i can’t get a image from the local ,
i can get url but if i add download=1 in rainmeter it’s gone and shows nothing…

i have remade it with all players…
all images, volume, seek, prev, stop, play / pause, next

Wheaten aka SL23, where can I donwload it??? So I can share it as my own :rofl:

i have made a full working version of it :stuck_out_tongue:

AIn’t it just hanging up?


Looks nice, nice lunching labradoodle of mine @Wheaten mine looks nicer :stuck_out_tongue: