Volumio Radio Web Selection

Some time ago I noticed that the “Volumio Radio Web Selection” option disappeared from Radio Webs
I had to burn a new sd for a second computer and with surprise I see that option returned, working correctly, the stations were heard without problems.
After reseating the system, the option disappeared. It is not anymore. I only see My Web Radios, Radio Favorites, etc.
Any way to fix it?

I found the problem I was using the BackUp-Restore Plugin to restore the system, but I used an old backup, when Volumio did not have that option.

Again I stop seeing in Radios “Volumio Selection”.
I did not touch anything of the configuration, it simply disappeared.
Does this happen to anyone? Is there a method of recovering this?

Oooooooooooo! I install V2.388 and and it reappeared!