Volumio QR-Code Scanner with Pi camera

Hello dear community
I would like to get more in touch with the physical world.
Therefore I would like to attach a camera to my Raspberry Pi Volumio Streamer with which I can scan a QR code so that music is played.
To do this, I need to install the OpenCV software on the Raspberry and give Volumio the command to play the album.
I know that there is already a similar project called Scan’n Play Volumio, but this is an Android app and I would not like to have a smartphone running all the time.
Does anyone have the expertise to make something like this work?
Maybe you could let the Raspberry Pi start the Volumio OS with DualBoot and in parallel the Raspberry OS with OpenCV.
Then Open CV would only have to send a command to Volumio when a QR code is scanned.

Attached I link the Android App project so you can understand what I mean.


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I saw it is also possible with RFID/NFC Tags.
The Htread can be deleted

OpenCV is definitely a powerful tool for computer vision projects like this.
While I’m not an expert on this specific project, it sounds like you have a good idea for how to get the Raspberry Pi to play music when a QR code is scanned.