Volumio Primo updated to Volumio 3 doesn't work

hello, i have a volumio primo which i use as sreamer and DAC, a premium subscription, i updated volumio 3, it no longer works. the radios do not work or stop after a minute, same for quobuz, and I see the covers of my library on usb support but volumio displays: “error failed ro open “alsa””
then I rebooted the player to the factory settings and it doesn’t change anything. with all sources music stop after less than a minute!

Hi Jerome, welcome to Volumio. :slight_smile:

I am going to move your post to it’s own topic (if you don’t mind) so that it won’t get lost in this very general thread. :wink:

Also, just for you to note as a Premium user you are entitled to dedicated support, where you may open a ticket:

Hi, yes it is a good idea to do a general thread, e must not be the only one with this problem, whatever the source (usb, radios, qobuz, bandcamp) the music stops. In addition for the flac files on a hard disk, I have the message: “error, failed to open ALSA; device or resource busy” However I had no problems installing V3 on the Primo. thanks a lot for your help.

Hi Jerome,
Contact our support. That’s the best way to solve it.
We had many people upgrading their primo to v 3 without any issue, so I think it will be something trivial to solve