Volumio primo spdif out to Dac

What are the best settings for volumio primo to be used as a standalone streamer? Have been experiencing stuttering using spdif output to my audiolab mdac. However the analog outputput works perfectly fine. Any guidance and advise on this topic will be helpful. Thanks

@ded Davide can you help him with this?

I would advise you to use USB. It’s superior to the Toslink SPDIF.

The Dac that I am using audiolab mdac has a limitation of 24/96 on its usb input and hence wanted to use the Coax.

Not sure why the Coax output stutters on the primo. Sound quality seems to be nice and clean otherwise. Have added the ifi ipower x adapter which helps.

Need help on the setting to optimize the Coax output. Any guidance is welcome.