Volumio Primo PSU DC jack

Hello everyone,

I would like to know which is the 2.1mm DC jack used in Volumio Primo PSU.

I have to power it with a 5V power supply, but I don’t understand which is the correct jack to be used.
I tried a 2.1mm jack but it seems this is different in its inside from the jack used in Volumio Primo PSU.

Thank you very much for your help.



Must be such one.
Outside -
Inside +

Hi achim1812, thank you very much for your answer.

OK for the polarity.

I have a linear PSU and a 2mt male-male 2.1mm connector cable, very similar to that on your photo, but this is not OK for plugging it inside Primo.

Primo PSU connector seems to have a “cut” inside it.

The strange thing is:
I can plug Primo PSU connector inside my linear PSU female side
I can plug (both sides) my male-male cable inside my linear PSU female side
I can’t connect (both sides) my male-male cable inside Primo

I now bought the following:

I wish this is correct (you can see in it a “cut” like on the Primo PSU connector)


Ok…I cross fingers. Maybe you could post if you are successfull.
Ciao from Germany!

:smiley: Grazie from Italy :pray:

Not good even this :sleepy:

Have you tired reaching out to the tech support team via Contact Us | Volumio? They should surely be able to advice you on replacement parts for the Primo :slight_smile:

Hi ashthespy, yes, I tried, but for now I had no answer.

I suspect I’m wrong with the inside connector diameter. This could be 2.5mm and not 2.1mm as I always thought. Trying that…

Thank you very much everyone!

I suppose this is the correct one (type N not type M) https://www.amazon.it/dp/B00UVH9I5A

Try contacting support again, and open a support ticket, then your question is trackable. It’s not a challenging question. :smiley:

The challenge is won, the correct plug is the Type N connector (5.5mm outside diameter, 2.5mm inside diameter)

Thank you very much everyone!!