Volumio Primo - Official Thread

Thanks, that’s all I needed to hear. Apologies if that should have been patently obvious, but I couldn’t find much on the matter with a cursory search.

I was wondering if there is a way to use Replay Gain on the Primo?

Have either of these questions been resolved with the new 3.x update?

Is there any way to get Volumio to display embedded art from the FLAC audio files themselves?

Also is there any way to setup Volumio play files from multiple folders randomly. For example if I select a file share with 50 folders, how would I setup Volumio to play all the songs contained in those 50 folders randomly?

So, has anyone hit the Upgrade button on thier Primo?

Did it work smoothly? How does it sound?

Slightly reluctant at the moment given what i’ve heard anecdotally from other users.

Also, do you need to be connected to the internet to use plugins (as it seems to require an online account) - this could be a deal breaker.

(system for reference: Primo, Audiolab 6000A, Dynaudio Emit 20, Eclipse sub.)

All went fine here Mike. The only cautionary thing I would say is about the use of USB disks, which is currently under investigation. You don’t need to be connected to the internet to use plugins (after their installation, & unless it is a plugin requiring internet access eg. Spotify)

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Hello guys, I have the Primo Hifi e. with an S-booster power supply and I am very satisfied. I have a Cambridge Azur 840C as a CD, which can also process external digital sources as a DAC. One can assume that the DAC of the 840C can do more than that of the Primo… I would say so. To test I bought a cheap Amazon digital 75Ohm digital cable. Switched the Volumio to SDIF and DSD over PCM and the Cambridge claims it’s not getting a digital signal. Can’t read the Cambridge 840C DSD over PCM? Or what am I doing wrong. Thanks, Dirk

I would say a/b test your dac, the built in one is pretty impressive. Several folks have abandoned external dacs due to this. Of course, spend enough and you’ll beat it… if your speakers are also good enough.

What is the S Booster? Is it linear? Have you a/b tested it against the normal one? Switching PS is mitigated inside the Primo.

Undoubtedly the DAC of the Volumio is not bad, but we agree that there is more to it than that. I have a tuned Rega Brio and the Buchardt s400mk2. Just listening to comparison Qobuz stream “Currentzis - Dido + Aenas” in 44/16 with the same recording from Cambridge CD. Let’s put it politely, you can clearly hear the 3-fold price. The 840C circles around the Primo. The Primo only has a chance against the 840c DAC if it gets HiRes material from Qobus… The Sbooster is a linear external power supply, through which the Primo starts to sound better. Yes we tested it forward and backward. Not a little, a big step forward… in my opinion.


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Have a look at Instagram “Hausmanndirk” there you can see some pictures :wink:

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All I can see there is an unhealthy obsession with an MGB and some proacs :rofl:

there our mutual obsession is carried by spokes :clinking_glasses:

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try a flac file on a USB stick to compare to yr CD. I’d be interested to see how close it got. I run all my CDs as flac now, mostly for convenience.

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if I start with flac I’ll soon be on a NAS. I started streaming in early 2021 and I’m pretty excited. It annoyed me to store so many CDs. The Cambridge is actually just the backup in case the internet goes on strike, or possibly as a DAC for the Volumio.
I could test the comparison CD - Flac on Stick. I recently exchanged the Fritzbox 7490 for the 7590ax. A clear improvement for the Volumio. Before that I exchanged the TAE telephone socket in front of the Fritzbox for an RJ45 and connected it to the Fritzbox with a good cable… at least that’s the biggest improvement at the streaming and that fpr little money. Endless possibilities :wink:


HI there,

After investing into a new pair of speakers the Hifi bug infected me and I was looking for a way to connect my old receiver (Yamaha RX-V 1400 RDS) with internet and USB discs. Luckily I came across the Volumio Primo and I have to say that this combination works really good. In the meantime I tested a couple of really superb amplifiers against this combination (Cambridge CXA81, Lyngdorf TDAI-2170 and Technics SU-G700) and I had to realize that with the exception of the Technics amplifier, none was a match to the Primo/Yamaha receiver. Only the Technics showed a slightly more articulated bass…

Good work, Primo folks!

However, there is a clitch with my Volumio Primo, which made me sent it back, and received a new one. However, the clitch still exists. Redardless which smart phone is used, whenever I connect the Primo via bluetooth to a smartphone (Samsung S8, Samsung S10, iPhone Mini) and stream music from Amazon Prime or Spotify, it happens that the Primo becomes silent. The song is still playing, but the receiver receives nothing. I have to stop the song on my phone and press play upon which the Primo resumes its function and continues playing. I do not have this issue if I connect the same phones and music providers with a bluetooth headset or boom box. It is really annoying, sometimes I have to stop and press play 2-3 times during one song.

Did anyone encounter similar issues and may have an idea how this can be fixed?

Thanks for any feedback.

I think the Bluetooth issue is the same as discussed in this thread, if so it will be fixed in an update. Bluetooth audio - #8 by volumio

Hi Singer,
really glad to hear that you are enjoying your music with Primo!

The issue you are referring is a recent bug which we just fixed, and for which an update will be available in the next couple of days.
So, please check updates and you will be fine

Thanks for your quick answers, Wolfman and volumio.

Looking forward to the update!

@Singer Try updates now!

I use an Audiolab 6000A - its a good match but a lot cheaper than some of your options! I retain an AVR for 5.1/TV/Bluray and use a Beresford speaker switcher.