Volumio Primo not working, can't connect to with UI


yesterday my Volumio Primo stopped working. I was playing music from my mac via Roon Bridge.
First I couldn’t access the UI via app or web interface.
After taking the power cord out putting it back again, I can hear a small “click” sound from the Primo, but it doesn’t connect to network.

Somewhere there were instructions how re-install via USB-memory, would this be an option is this would be software issue instead of a hardware issue?

@volumio he needs a bit of support …

Yes, I suggest doing a USB Factory reset. This cures every software issue you might have.

BTW, in case you need, you can contact us at techsupport at volumio dot org to receie priority support from our specialists

Thank you. Since I haven’t spent that much time “under the hood” of Volumio, can you please link me with further details:

  • Where to download the software package
  • Further instructions if possible

Hi Niko,
if you can write an email to techsupport at volumio dot org we will guide you from there :wink:

Yes, I did. Waiting for further info. Thx