Volumio Primo hifi vs Primo v2

Have anyone tried going from Primo hifi edition to the newer primo is it worth the switch?
As i see besides the design same dac chip used
But can see if the internal power implementation is the same

Hope some Volumio users reply on this :v:

@DED , @volumio

Hi Zojo,
the DAC part is extremely similar. However there are other differences which impact the overall result:

  • Better CPU and Network: faster operations and better streaming bandwith
  • XLR Balanced output: if your amp has XLR input this alone is worth the upgrade

Hope that helps!

@volumio thx for your swift reply
Xlr’s i do not use only rca out

Will you recommend the swap from the hifi edition here or is the swap minor in quality of sound.

When you say network do you mean the wifi connex inside the Primo??
Or wired to