Volumio Primo hifi edition upsampling

Hi volumio peeps,

Quick question from my side

If using Tidal hifi 16bit/44.1
Can the volumio primo hifi edition upsample to 24bit/192 if change the upsampling settings
Either using Tidal connect or the pre installed Tidal app in volumio?
Or is the upsampling only for local music files etc.


Upsampling will not work for TIDAL Connect but will work with TIDAL native integration in Volumio

Just set the upsampling to 24bit/192 and use the native Tidal in volumio.
Its still showing 16bit/44.1 when playing tracks

Indication on the UI shows the source data and not what is sent to the dac

Thanks for reply on that
Just to make sure
Is the setting set correct here for 24bit/192

Or do i miss something

If you want to resample everything you play, you can use FusionDsp. There is a resampling feature in it.
This done by CamillaDsp, using high quality algorithm.
But you have to disable resampling in volumio- settings

I was more thinking on upsampling to 24bit/192 with Tidal connect, but thats but possible as posted earlier
The native Tidal app is much different to navigate in compare to Tidal mobile app.
And as stated earlier even so if set to 24bit/192 the source sample rate will always be 16bit/44.1

Wonder if 24bit/192 flac will sound much better than 16bit/44.1 flac from Tidal?

But thanks for the option to resample all


Hello! It doesn’t add to the quality; it just displays a different sample rate and bit depth on your screen. By the way, I don’t understand people who want Spotify when it has nothing to do with HiFi. And why would they want an EQ when it impacts sound quality? After all, Volumio is an audiophile player, and audiophiles don’t listen to Spotify.

@Miroslav_Szalaj ,

The question is regarding Tidal, so why you bring up Spotify…???

Thanks for your reply even so Spotify aint the topic here.

I am new to the stream world as i do vinyl more
Can say i am a audiophile i just like to set my rack and speaker at the right position to get best quality out of it.
Tidal,qobuz, spotify whatever as long as my setup deliver and the sound quality make joy.


I’m sorry for mentioning Spotify; it’s a lossy format, meaning some information is already missing. I don’t have anything against using Spotify for the car or on the go; it’s convenient. What I meant was, why convert an original from Tidal at 44kHz to, for example, 96kHz when it doesn’t make any sense? I’m just saying that a different value may display on the screen, but it doesn’t enhance the sound quality.

From 44k to 96k is always a bad choice, as you will introduce non existing bits to the signal. If you up sample always multiply it by 2 (44.1, 88.2, …) . It might give a small improvement as it will place the filter at higher frequencies. But if it is noticeable…

Thx for the clarification on this
While we at it when e.g upsampling bit/kHz
Do the FIR and IIR filter have any to do with it
As i see in volumio options is fast/slow and minimum phase the IIR have from 47khz to 70khz

Is there any correct setting on those filters when running Tidal 16bit/44.1 or qobuz

Sorry if its off topic here :blush:


there is no right or wrong setting, you an try them all and pick the one that sounds the best for you

Thanks for your reply
Do you have any experience on that what sound best at yours
And has it anything to do with style of music played etc