Volumio primo and additional DAC?

I am considering a major upgrade to my volumio situation and, among all the question I’m posting, I am considering ordering the volumio primo.

What I don’t get is the schema at the end of the page:

Do I still need a DAC after the Volumio primo?


Nope, the Primo has an excellent DAC built in, making it a very complete streamer unit. No extras needed.


then you should correct your “HOW DOES IT WORK” section.

Does it accept a optical input also?


Hi, the Primo (as Gé said) does not need a DAC, since it features an high quality DAC.
But you can always add your DAC via USB or SPDIF output.
No, it does not accept SPDIF input

I read all it’s tech specs and you can use it single solution as Network streamer + DAC with built in Wifi or you can use it as a streamer via it’s USB to an external DAC if you have a better DAC product. Please correct me If I’m wrong because this is what I understood from reading it’s specs.

Yes, exactly

If I will upgrade to use my Primo with an external DAC, will there be any difference between the Primo and an Asus Tinkerboard S?

What I mean is, does the Primo has any advantages if you don’t use the internal dac? Thanks in advance

A slight advantage given by the better internal PSU and regulator circuit which feeds the Tinkerboard

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