Volumio Premium with purchase of hardware

If I purchase a Volumio Rivo do I still need to pay monthly fee to access QoBuz and Tidal?

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Rivo includes all the premium features without the need for a subscription.


Thanks, I thought so. Just figured I’d take the measure twice and cut once approach :crazy_face:

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One thing left: Buying the Rivo :rofl:


Whoa! You need the premium Volumio service to be able to use the streaming services, but you will still need to pay separately for qobuz or tidal, Volumio can’t give you those for free.

Sure and some speakers and amplifier and a house to put the Rivo in?

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Yeah, I’m good in that department.


Hi, im hoping someone may be able to help with question/issue.

I purchased a Volumio Rivo streamer in mid-September. I set up the Rivo and downloaded the Volumio app and set up a Volumio account. My understanding is that i should have access to all the features of the Premium plan but it doesn’t seem like i do.

When i open the Profile section of the app, and scroll down to the bottom of the page, the screen shows “Activate MyVolumio On Devices”, but no devices (including the Rivo) are listed, and i’m unable to add any devices.

If i click Edit on the Profile page, and scroll down to the bottom, it shows MyVolumio Subscription" and under “MyVolumio Summary” it states “Inactive”.

At botttom right hand of that page there is a green “Subscribe” button. If i click that button it takes me to the plan subscription page. For my current plan it shows “Free” (with limited features), I’m asked to pay for a yearly Premium subscription to access additional premium features that i thought were supposed to be included as part of the Rivo purchase price. What am i missing?

Am i doing something wrong or is therema problem with the app that is not giving me access to all the Premium Plan features?

Thanks in advance,

If you buy a Rivo that includes the Premium licence. You should raise a support ticket as you are also entitled to free support

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one important remark: if you buy a Rivo/Primo/Integro, the premium features are unlocked by default on the Rivo/Primo/Integro only, you will not have them available on other devices not manufactured by Volumio.

In fact, you don’t get a Premium licence, you get all Premium features enabled by default, even if you use a free account.

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I see what you’re saying and perhaps that’s the answer. I was under the impression that those buying a Rivo got a Premium plan subscription, but perhaps it’s just access to premium features through the Rivo.

I’ve submitted a support request as Simon suggested, and I’ll let you know how Volumio responds.

Thanks for your replies and suggestions. Have a great rest of the day!

This is from Volumio’s website (shop.volumio.com):


Every Volumio Streamer includes Volumio Premium for life. No more monthly fees, just endless music. Volumio Streamers make enjoying music simple and cost-effective"

Volumio could make it clearer if in fact buyers are not getting a Premium subscription. Anyway…thanks!

Hard to understand the question/confusion here.
Volumio stated you get a device with al premium features and that’s what they delivered.

You’re complaint is that you can’t install these premium features on other gear in your household?

There’s no complaint, and i dont think my message indicated any sort of complaint. I’m asking for clarification and other Rivo users’ esperience. I’m new to Volumio and have no experience with the Volumio app or software. In any case, I’m actually quite happy with the performance of the Rivo.

I think Volumio’s marketing is a bit confusing, and i reached out to other users in the hope that they might provide some guidance and clarification based on their experience.

And a few other users have actually been helpful with feedback and suggestions.

Volumio’s marketing on their website seems to indicate Rivo buyers get a lifetime Premium subscription, but when i go to my profile, my MyVolumio subscription shows as Inactive and the settings show I have Free subscription, not Premium subscription so I’m trying to understand what subscription i have.

Also, in the app there’s a list of features under the Premium subscription side so I’m trying to understand if I’m getting access to all of the Premium features that are listed in the app or only some of them.

If i got what Volumio promised and is supposed to deliver then I’m happy. Anyway, i put in a support request so I’ll wait for Volumio’s reply.

I agree

All are available. Which do you think are missing?

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Thanks for our reply. To be honest, I’m not sure since i have only started to use the Volumio app. There is a long list of Premium features but I’m not sure how to locate some of the features within the app. For example, multi room playback, AI infinity playback, manifest AI, cd playback/ripping, bluetooth audio playback input, digital and analog input playback, automatic sync of personal items. Not sure where to find these features or if these features are even available to me.

Thanks again!

some features required to have at least two volumio devices, like multiroom to play the same music sync on several device.
Same for personal items.
Please have a look :Volumio Help Center

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Thanks, ill start there. Have a great day.

Thanks for your feedback, to make it more clear we’ve updated the pages which describe the premium features of products

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