Volumio Premium vs. Virtuoso

I hope this is the correct part of the forum for this - if not, please tell me so.
I have the old Virtuoso subscription and consider upgrading to Premium.
If I do so, will it be the same user name for all devices, it is used for?
If I wish to set up the devices differently, can these settings be backed up individually, so they can be restored?

Hi, I’m also on virtuoso.

Rather than start another thread, I was wondering if it’s possible to download your own library content for offline playback (eg outside the house when not on the same wi-fi network?

Is that what Automatic Sync of Personal items Remote connection to up to 6 devices means?


Hi guys, with Premium, is it possible to

Is it possible to access and play my personal music library to listen to outside of the house (not on the same WAN)? I guess something similar to Roon Arc or Plex Amp??

Hard to get an answer on this but may not be a feature.

ps. considering doing a trial of premium on a different sign up to test the Ai stuff but don’t want to give up Virtuoso.