Volumio Premium question - 'Play here'

Hi guys,

Was wondering if someone could explain how this is meant to work? I’m sure it did in the past but now is rendered useless (i.e… nothing happens when I select Play here on my mobile phone remote, or on the desktop browser).

I’m using a Raspberry Pi 4 → Adi2 FS. Any way to create a device to mimic or create a new device, so I can play on the phone (including away from home) or on the PC. Admittedly there is no point on the PC if I have Tidal & FLAC collection with my other DAC & headphone amp).

Maybe I’m missing something, or there are some wrong settings, or something on the router is blocking this??


I can’t get this to work either. The play here button doesn’t seem to be accessible at all, before I had premium when I pressed play here it would at least give me a pop up saying upgrade to premium, now the button seems inactive.

Yes I was sure it used to work and upon pressing it I could listen at local Device (PC) instead of through the DAC. Totally pointless anyway but was neat when I could use it on my phone outside the house and access own collection. The delay was too long and clunky anyway so easier to just stream.

Just think it’s a little bit pointless paying for premium for all these features that don’t work (supersearch), but at least it may work out cheaper over time (got the lifetime deal a while back).


That’s odd, working on both my systems.

Hi mate, so it works on your phone off the wifi network?

What do you select as your output device, your default DAC?
At best, it only ever worked if i selected ‘headphone output’ from my DAC. All a bit strange.
I guess I was expecting a bit more UPnP functionality like plex amp (not that i’ve used it).


Guys, submit logs, the only chance to get some more info to the devs.
Use this guide: How to send a log link for a bug report?

Ok will do tonight

Both running on wifi.
System 1 is a Pi4 with a Topping D10Ss (USB DAC) as output
System 2 is a Pi5 with HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro (I2S) as output

Before I got the Pi5 I was running that system on a Pi 3B but that struggled with the weak wifi signal in that part of the house, which did cause unreliability with multiroom and ‘play here’.

Nice having multiple setups - it sounds like the Play Here features only works if you have more than one setup - stands to reason. In the past it was allowing me to play locally on the PC output devices (but Pointless as I said as I would just use Tidal app or Foobar2k with my other DAC connected to the PC (iFi Zen DAC, and nothing to do with volumio).

I did online chat with a tech after signing up for lifetime, he said not possible to use on phone outside the house).

No, works fine with only one switched on.
It only works inside the wifi network.

True, good to know.
Well maybe it was working when it wasn’t suppose to be on my phone outside (possibly cached).

Hmm, perhaps my router level adblockers are affecting it working.