Volumio ported to Radxa Rock Pro

Hi guys,

just to let you know that I have just done a quick port of Volumio to the Radxa Rock, for those of you that it interests. The repo can be found here:


Besides what Is in the Readme on github, there are a couple of other things that I should mention:

  • On the current version of Volumio on the repo, there appears to be no Spotify support, and airplay seems to be broken. I have since updated the Volumio version (to 1.5) that is running on my Radxa, but that has since broken Volumio completely, as it prompts to update Volumio when using the webui, and then throws a chmod() operation not permitted error, so it looks like a problem with permissions. Airplay and Spotify are sill not working. I used the update script here: https://volumio.org/forum/volumio-update-install-script-t633.html so maybe that has something to do with it.
  • Could anyone advise as to how one would go about upgrading to Volumio 2? Also, any thoughts as to why Airplay isn’t working, and how one might go about getting it working?
  • Anyone who has a Rock, and is willing to test, would you mind having a look at the rtk_btusb and the RTL ethernet logs at startup? My ethernet works, but has some power saver issues, whilst my bluetooth throws a log not dissimilar to the one shown in this thread: http://talk.radxa.com/topic/872/bluetooth-issue, I am testing the solution shown there, and will report back here, let me know how you get on.
  • I will upload the kernel and ramdisk (boot.img) next week sometime, unfortunately my VPS rack blew a PSU earlier, so I have no access to the source and compiled files, other than the repo ATM.

Thanks in advance, and hope you guys can get something useful out of this.


Michaelangelo or ning-yu, could one of you suggest why airplay is broken, or how I could go about updating the volumio ui to volumio 2? Thanks.