Volumio port to Cubietruck/Cubieboard2

Wi-fi disabled by default, modprobe bcmdhd and edit /etc/network/interfaces for proper wi-fi settings.
Complete port from cube-i, just replaced with sunxi-linux kernel 3.4.79 and bootloader.

drive.google.com/file/d/0B6_poS … sp=sharing

Your distro included a driver I2S for volumio?

i2c support related to kernel. And this build have no i2s and spdif support.

Just yesterday i’v build 3.4.91 kernel with patches by Igor Pečovnik
i2s and spdiff seemd to be ok, i’t listed by aplay -l

I’ll upload new volumio build tomorrow.

You are ready :wink:

Florence, 5:11 am

Cubietruck version finished…

Hi, I’m very eager for testing it. Where can I download ?

Uploading… Later today I’ll release

I’m looking forward to try it.
I have just started a hifi project:
-ODAC usb dac
-2 x Linear regulator one for the dac and one for the cubie and HDD

Let me know if it is released!

Nevermind, I have found it. FYI the download is not listed in the “Download” section but in the “GET STARTED” section. :unamused:

Well, one night was enough to do it.
Cubieboard 2, sata 1TB hdd, USB WIFI, USB DAC (ODAC)
For now it is only powered by a 1A USB wall adapter.

My impressions:
Mounting SATA drive had to do manually, but found help in the forums
I added the hdd to the samba share list, so I can move music from the network to the player (but super slow, ~1mb/s)
My USB WIFI stick was recognized (I had to fight a night for this in Ubuntu)

With WIFI, it takes much more time to get ready. I can’t reach GUI for a few minutes more than with cable. :neutral_face:

But, music starts to struggle playing every second track (aprox 5 min between struggles, but sometimes okay for long periods)… :cry:

Hi Michelangelo, The 1.5 soon for Cubietruck lover’s :slight_smile:

What about Cubieboard 2? Will the truck´s download work on the Cubie 2 too?
Currently its missing for the download section but before it was supported.
Id like to try 1.5 version.