Volumio Plugin System

After finishing the volume module, I’ll start building the plugin system. The idea is to create a system that allows:

  • Painless installation trough a visual repository (probably npm or self hosted repo)
  • Ability to enable\disable plugins
  • Standardized plugin scheme for the community to add their own

I’m thinking to use github.com/c9/architect which seems to be just ideal for the task…

What do you guys think? Anyone interested to contribute?

Even if I can’t help you due to my lack of programming knowledge :confused: :blush: I had a look at the link and it seems to be a good way of getting what will be volumio2 plugin interface :wink: .

nb . In your last commit with volume control, in the player “unmute” button appears as “mute” (you’ ve got 2 mute buttons).

:wink: fixed!

Hey Michelangelo,
I think I can make the functionality we want using some simpler custom code. We can try it out, and if we need more features, we can try a package like Architect!

Hi there! It’s a pleasure for me to joint this group.

Regarding the architect library i agree with ning-yu regarding the simpler code. Moreover, after few tests, the library seems to not work as i expected when managing dependencies like http or fs.

Let’s welcome Massimiliano which is joining us in this huge effort!
So after Ning-yu’s and his feedback, let’s proceed with a custom coded plugin system. We’ll start by tackling the configuration in a standardized way, both for core-components and plugins, after we complete this we can then start designing the plugin system.
I’ll start outlining my proposals for both in the wiki…

To update: Controllers and Plugins system is almost done (just need to test some aspects) and plugins start to pop up like mushrooms (don’t know if this joke works out of Italy too… :smiley: ).

Would be great to consolidate the wiki page about this topic for review by everyone in this project. Michelangelo what about this? What’s the current status of the wiki?