Volumio plays with hick ups

I installed volumio a couple of days ago on a raspberry pi 2. This all went smoothly. I want to use volumio but it plays with hick ups. It’s connected with gigabit lan and plays 16 bit flac files.
What can be wrong.

I guess I have the same issue. Also on a RPI2. If I let it run 24/7, after about two days, I get strange effects (hick ups). Rebooting or powering off for five minutes does not change anything. However, if I completely shut it down over night, the next morning, all these effects are gone (until they reappear the next day).
Have you tried turning it off (waiting some hours) and on again?

Thank you for your reply; I’ll try shutdown and wait a couple of hours.

What power supply are you using?

I now use a laptop 18v power supply through a regulated supply down to 5v for the DAC and Pi2. Lots of ferrites on all the supply leads too. Stable for 24/7 for weeks and weeks.

Another thing is to use a good quality Sd card. Makes a difference too to stability.