Volumio playback screen streaming GREEN play and RED error messages

Hi, I’ve just upgraded to the latest version of the Volumio app on my iPhone 12. I also have a Tidal app which is linked via Tidal Connect.
On entering the Volumio music player screen in the Volumio iPhone app it starts cascading red and green message boxes down the right side of the screen.
The green boxes say “Play Started playback of (song name)” and the red boxes say “! Cannot load Tidal Account. Are you logged in?”
I’ve checked that I’m logged into Tidal in Volumio Settings and I’m logged into the Tidal app separately on the iPhone, as has previously been the case prior to the Volumio system update.
I can also confirm that my passwords use alpha numeric characters only with no spaces or unusual characters.
I’ve attached a picture showing the iPhone display. Has anyone seen this before and are there any suggestions on how to fix it please?