Volumio pHAT DAC volume control

Hello all!

I have been using Volumio for a while and have been lurking on these forums and reading all the useful information!

This is my first post!

I have Voulmio 2 RC2 running on my raspberry pi 3 and a pHAT DAC and I cant get the volume control to work, and what comes out of it is very loud!

Is there something I’m doing wrong, is there anyway to resolve this? is it worth changing the DAC?

Many thanks!

Hi, I’m assuming you’ve found the answer to this?

Not sure about the phat DAC, but definitely works for the pHAT BEAT.

If not, Settings --> Playback options --> volume options --> Mixertype (change to software)
Ensure the Output device and DAC model are set to pHAT BEAT. Should work. Think it’s a new option, that might not have been there previously…

There is an option for the pHAT DAC too, so might work…