Volumio PC version SAMBA different from Raspberry?

I have two Volumio install of the latest version (2.853), one on a Raspberry the other on a Fujitsu Futro S900. Entering the very same info to connect to my network disk shared thorugh the router has different outcomes. The Raspberry version perfectly connects to the network disk , while the PC version does not. Is there any difference in the implementation of the SAMBA protocol between the raspberry and the PC versions?

I have double checked the settings, comparing on my screens the entries. The Raspberry works, the Futro does not. All other components of Volumio seems to work on Futro but for the network disk connection.
The router implements the old vers=1.0 version of Samba. I have another network disk connected to another router and that is perfectly working…is there any hint?

I attach a screenshot of the settings
Volumio on Fujitsu Futro S900

Volumio on Rasperry