Volumio Orange theme

Hello friends,

I created the Volumio Orange theme, with this you will see the Cover / Play and Play queue on one screen, just like MoodeAudio. And all buttons at the bottom: Settings, Music Browsing, Playback, Queue (full), Volume (on / off).

I will soon distribute the Volumio_Orange.IMG theme so everyone can use it.

Screenshot of theme Volumio Orange


Looks very nice. How does it go with small displays or do you have a dedicated layout for them?

There are a few things to do, Volumio Orange theme already works on my phone.

Screenshot of theme Volumio Orange on phone

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Great looking theme and layout improvements. Looking forward to it.

Love it. Looking forward to trying it out.

Looks nice! Can’t wait to give it a try :wink:

Hello there. This look interesting. Where can I download the Volumio_orange.img file?

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Any Updates?

Cheers :wink:

Sadly, none. The original poster must have been inactive since he posted his promise to share his code for the orange theme.

What are the elements that you would like to see in Volumio’s UI?
Based on your feedback we can implement some of them

I would like to see the album art size on 60 70 % of the screen in locally connected display. Something like this !
Kindly please check this link


I would really like to see a number of user definable buttons available on the UI.

In my opinon most relevant for mee would be the colour scheme…

@volumio: At phone display size, a static button set on the bottom of the display rather than the current setup which changes functions depending on where you are in the system.

Separate volume +/- buttons.

@volumio albumart as a back ground image would be nice
and a skin you can alter yourself would be nicer pos size or whole skin…
a skin creator :slight_smile:

Hello guys.
I would simply like to see the image of the artist or album cover. the covers are obtained with MP3TAG (https://www.mp3tag.de/en/). I only see the VOLUMIO logo!

I’m a big fan of volumio and have many installations dotted around the house.

What I’d really appreciate is to have a UI optimised for a small touch screen. I currently use classic layout on a Osoyoo 5" @ 800x 480 and items I need to touch are very small. For example, settings icon, play on radio stations list etc. They are also positioned at the edges of the screen, which makes things tricky.

However, I’m thinking it’s difficult for you to have a one design fits all use cases.

Would it be difficult to implement skins? That way the community could come up with their own concepts and save you having to define for all. I’m old, so remember how winamp had great success with all it’s many themes and Kodi seems to benefit from this approach too. If it was just a case of editing graphics, html and CSS I’d have a crack at some skins myself to share back with the community.

Keep up the great work!


I remember winamp with great pleasure, it had the interfaces. it is the work that the Volumio developers should have done.

I’m old too :cold_sweat:!!

Winamp!! :heart_eyes: loved all the different skins

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I would love it if the radio stations, at least the favourites would be like in moode where I can add Covers and look at them in thumbnail view