Volumio One loses connection to Spotify

I have two Volumio Hifi primo devices: I named them Volumio One and Volumio Two.

Both use the same software (3.3.24) . And the same Spotify 3.06 plugin

Volumio One loses connection with Spotify quite often. Sometimes after 2 songs, sometimes after 10 songs. This happens via de browser. But also via spotify connect. While playing music from my NAS works flawless.

Volumio Two does not have this problem. What can this be?

Hi, are you using wireless or wired connection for the devices? It’s always a good practise to verify with wired connection and if it’s working flawlessly then we will know that the wireless network/router needs to be checked for any interferers, configuration settings etc. Sometimes the issue could be that there are just too many devices connected to the wireless network and the router does not serve them as it should anymore.

Both are connected via ethernet cable.

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Have you swapped devices to see if the problem is context or device related?