Volumio on Zero W

I have Volumio booting on a PI Zero w but cannot get it on the network.
I bought plugable USB 2.0 OTC Micro-B adapter but it does not seem to recognize any connection. No lights are showing.

Is there a way to get this device on my network. The goal is to configure it as a Roon endpoint.

  • Rich

Hey Rich,
The Zero W has wifi, so you can do a fresh install, login to the hotspot it will create, and configure from there. I have a couple Zero Ws setup for Volumio with PHATDAC hats, and pogo USB hubs, I also have had success with a usb hub with ethernet that has a flipout cable connector that makes it usb and with a flip, microusb to get on my network via ethernet.
Good luck, my main player at work is on a PI2, and the Zeros are slow compared to that.

Thanks. I got the Zero loaded but later learned that the ARM version is not supported by the Roon endpoint software.

Since then, I bought a P3 and found that with DietPi loaded these device can run powered directly from the Sonica DAC USB port. Cool.

  • Rich

Does it run OK on a Pi Zero W please? Any issues? I have it running OK on Pi4B 4Gb but if the cheaper system runs OK then great. Was going to also put OpenVPN on the system too. Do you anticipate any problems with this setup please?

The Pi Zero W is ARM6 and the Roon endpoint requires ARM7 or later so you cannot use it for an endpoint. I have run a Pi 3 A and B versions and both work using DietPi. Both can run from a 1 amp USB port on my Sonica DAC and RMC-1 so you don’t need a separate power supply.

  • Rich