Volumio on Tinkerboard cannot find USB DAC

Hello there,

I have recently installed Volumio on my Asus Tinkerboard and connected it to my XMOS DAC.
However i cannot see the USB DAC on the list of output devices.
Only HDMI Audio out, SPDIF and Audio Jack out is available.
I have plugged , unplugged my USB DAC as well as restarted Tinkerboard several times to no avail.
Any idea what the matter is ?


Hi Andreas, as a user - I experienced the same thing. What works for me is resetting the tinkerboard while leaving the dac on and connected to it. After resetting my dac usually appears in the output drop down box

Hi Sym,

By saying “resetting” your tinkerboard you mean restarting it , no ?
I have restarted several times the tinkerboard while the DAC was left switched on but no any change. I do not see the DAC appearing
on the drop down box.


please do sudo lsusb -t , it may tell us what’s happening.
Also unplug and re-plug, then please give us the last 20-30 lines of dmesg
It might be we need a usb quirk to get it recognized, but then we would need to know what DAC we are talking about.
You say XMOS, that is no guarantee yet that it is going to work, a brand name and model may be of more help.

Hello gkkpch,

Please see attached replies to your queries.


This looks fairly good to me, your DAC does seem to get recognized properly and linked to the snd-usb-audio driver.
I see the device is card number 6, I thought usb audio was supposed to be #5, perhaps this causes problems.

Edit: Forget the last remark, still investigating. Could you do aplay -l

The tinkerboard audio devices have also been implemented as usb audio, perhaps something clashes…