Volumio on rpi4

I just received rpi4 and installed volumio.
Until now everything is OK, but I have observed that cpu temp is 69 degrees. No hdmi connected only audio output via jack, no hat installed.
This si ok?
What do you recommend?
Thanks in advance.

I use a RPI ‘as this’ without an heat sink or fan… It just works :wink:

Yes, it just works :slight_smile: but did you checked the cpu temp, only from curiosity pls

I use it to play Spotify connect through brutefir… 59°C
It is with a touch screen and in vertical :wink:

I have connected my TV LG 660s on micro hdmi but It does not work, do I need to configure something? I used microhdmi 0 and hdmi 1 on TV (principal)

I’ll use the official 7 inch touchscreen and Logitech media server plug-in.

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Do you have a heatsink? I see that you have 54 degrees
I an also to buy a touchscreen but it should not work also with a TV?

no I don’t use a heatsink and the raspberry pi is built in flat.
you can use a micro hdmi to hdmi and connect it to the tv and then install the raspberry pi 7 inch plug-in.

I have connected tu he original cable microhdmi… To hdmi connector.
I do not understand what I have 67 degrees…

I’ll think maximum limit is 80° C and then the CPU going to throttle.

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Thanks for info
Now how do I enable volumio on TV… Through hdmi. I have connected the hdmi cable but now success… Do I need to add some lines in config.txt?

go to plugins section / miscellanea and install the touch display plugin … takes a while.
once done enable the touch plugin and set the tv to the correct hdmi input.
now you should be able to see the interface of volumio on the TV.

I have installed tu he plugin, is active, but my hdmi connector on TV is Grey… Like nothing si connected

maybe try the other hdmi output of raspberry pi 4.
or reboot the raspberry pi.

Finnaly, restart the TV, volumio, remove case from volumio and it worked insert again the hdmi connector
The micro hdmi is just to small…
Thanks for your continuous help.
Regarding touchscreen : sgould I go with original one or I can use a oysoo, I do not want drivers…
Also oysoo connects through dsu cable…

Update :remove the case and the cpu temp is 56 with TV output. :slight_smile:

problem with the temperature was probably the case :slight_smile:
I cannot help you with a different type of touchscreen and you may also have to adjust things via command prompt.
maybe someone else here who can help you with that.

This one works out-of-the-box, same as official one

osoyoo.com/2019/09/20/instructi … ch-screen/