Volumio on RP4 and LMS on NAS -> How to see LMS as MediaServer inside Volumio?

Hello Folks,
FYI: I have no deeper experience with Volumio and also not LMS (LogitechMediaServer).

But: I have successful tested several file shares / MediaServers running on my NAS (QNAP as well as Synology) and also on my Windows PC (Universal Media Server) - so far so good.
Currently I have installed the LMS on Synology inside Docker. I am able to connect to LMS via Windows PC and also play music files via LMS desktop itself - so far so good.

And Volumio is running on a RP4. I am able to access several file shares / MediaServers on my different NAS by Volumio Menu entry “Media Server” - so far so good.

Now I want to access LMS (on NAS in Docker) via Volumio (on RP4). When I open the Volumio “Media Server” menu I thought I could also see and access the LMS or rather its file shares within this media server screen… but I don’t see any LMS on my Volumio, just the other one already above mentioned media server…
Am I not understanding the LMS correctly or is there something special to configure in Volumio or even LMS? What and where?

Is there any body who has the similar config ?

I hope for your kind reply and hints !

Brgs Andi

I expect you enable the UPNP plugin in LMS?

But I have never seen LMS under Media servers in Volumio,

However I see Volumio under the LMS players.


hm, yes, I think I installed these plugins…:

  • UPNP/DLNA bridge
  • IPNP/DLNA media interface

And when I open the configuration page of the UPNP/DLNA bridge, I see the following.

But I don’t know if the plugins are the right ones and what needs to be set in the configuration page…

Also I don’t see any Volumio entry under LMS players…:

On the other hand, how would the LMS and its file shares present itself on Volumio if not as a “media server” (as I expected) ?

Or is there perhaps another network setting that is mandatory?


Well, it shows as device under players in LMS. So if your device is called “Glottertal” then it will appear as “Glottertal-UPnP/AV” or as “Glottertal”

OK, I understand that the LMS Player device (or LMS Player software, if applicable) is only available and selectable in the LMS itself (under the “Player dropdown”) AND unfortunately not in Volumio itself as “LMS” like e.g. other media servers displayed in this way - correct?
If its true , I can´t not really believe :frowning:

Not sure if the plugin “UPnP/DLNA Media Interface (V1.0) by Andy Grundman” Is following the UPnP protocol to the letter. As I am able to see other servers without issues like JRiver in Volumio
So I can’t say what the cause is.

Yes, I can also see other media servers in Volumio, but unfortunately not the LMS…so I have to do some more research on the LMS side - thanks anyway :wink:

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If you find it. let me know. I don’t see the benefit yet, As I have only one library, and browsing through a media server is hideous. But I do like to use LMS to send dynamic lists to Volumio, or JRiver to maintain the library :slight_smile: