Volumio on Raspberry Pi3 disappears from the network every 2-3 days

Hi, my Volumio on Raspberry Pi keeps disappearing from the LAN network every about 2 days. To get it back online I need to disconnect LAN cable and 3 seconds later connect it back again.
It’s disconnecting totally = doesn’t respond on it’s internal IP address, on avahi name, on ssh and on Tidal Connect.

The Volumio OS is running, no restarts or hangs in this matter. Just need to reconnect the network cable to play music the other day. This means when playing music once a day I need a habit of a specific action before I could enjoy my listening.

Volumio is currently in version 3.378 but also earlier versions within the 3.x range did the same.
Raspberry Pi is version 3B.

My other Volumio Primo device is also connected to the network and keeps its availability all the time.

Has anyone happened to have this issue? How to get rid of the issue?