Volumio on Raspberry Pi 3: HDMI passthrough

Hi to all,
yesterday i’ve started to use volumio on my Raspberry Pi 3.

The Raspberry has ever been linked to my AV Raceiver through an hdmi cable.

Before using Volumio on my Raspberry was running Kodi and i was able to use the HDMI passthrough with dts, dolby, etc… formats in order to use the internal AV DAC.
All works well but i read about volumio and its http web interface.

So now with Volumio, the web interface is very nice and helpfull but i’m not able to configure hdmi passthrough and i’m not able to listen my 5.1 dts files.

It’s not an hardware limit because with Kodi the same Raspberry was able to do that.

Is there any setting or plugin to activate HDMI passthrough?