Volumio on PC. PCI sound card?

I have an old Dell pc which has an m audio 24/96 sound card installed.
Have a look I’d like to to run on this PC. Will it be possible to use the PCI sound card for the audio output?


“No idea” is the best answer you can expect. An “old Dell PC” could mean anything (they made hundreds of different models) and the same counts for your soundcard. We are not so good at guessing;)

Why not be a little confident, burn an X86 image to a usb stick or disk and boot from it to try.
You’ll know soon enough and you can’t break anything that way.

I’m not sure if the model or make of PC is relevant tbh. My question was whether the PC version of Volumio can use an internal PCI sound card. Oh, and I stated the details of the sound card, so you don’t have to guess anything.


yes, it pc/brand/model is relevant and no, your pci card info is not anywhere near enough for help…
It only says m audio, no idea what that is.
Please just flash an image and boot.
I’ll help from there.