Volumio on old Macbook Pro

Hi, I’m trying to boot the usb drive I made with the x86 version of volumio on an old Core2Duo Macbook pro. The video output gets stuck at the boot logo, although sometimes the loading continues because I can hear the bootup sound and the hotspot network is created. Can I do something about it? I guess the drivers do not work for the Nvidia 8600GT the computer has.

No luck?

Can you see it on your network if you connect ethernet cable to it?

Haven’t tried it, but it creates the hotspot wifi network. I’ll try with an ethernet cable

Macbooks did work with our image.
In case ethernet fails, there may be firmware issues and I suggest you try the alternative solution form Volumio Development/ Development talks/ Volumio X86 Debian buster (see opening post),
Would be good to know that it solves macbook ethernet issues.