Volumio on Odroid C1+ with Hi Fi Shield

For some reason every time I try to enable the software mixer everything crashes and it gets stuck rebooting or something. If I unplug the unit and “hard reset” it it boots back with 0 settings changed.

Output is pretty loud even with my speakers turned down to next to 0 so I would like some volume adjustment if possible.

Been sitting here with my web browser trying to re-connect for 10 minutes now and won’t unless I unplug and plug the Odroid back in.

Any help is appreciated

This has been reported before (See the Odroid thread in Community portings), it is an issue we have not been able to create a solution for yet. It is still on my to-do list.

Ahh I see, this is the second time this week I’ve had an issue and my search skills have failed me lol

Apologies for the redundant report!

Thanks for the update, will keep an eye out in that thread for any news.

I figured a better solution would just be a proper amp for more detailed / non software volume control vs using active monitors/speakers. But it never hurts to ask if I was just doing something stupid