Volumio on NanoPi Neo Plus 2

Hi All,

Is someone allready working on an image for a nanopi neo plus 2?
I have such a board based on armbian (debian jessie) and i’m using the spdif output. I’ve compiled the latest mpd version and things go well but sometimes the sound has a hick-up.
On my receiver i see the digital signal dissapear for less than a second and re-appear.
This is my own solution i’m working on but maybe someone of you all has a volumio image allready i can use.

Thanks in advance.

Klaas Eenkhoorn

Hi Klass,

Have you found a way to amend this problem?
I have the same board.
How exactly did you compile Volumio for NeoPlus2?

Take a look at volumio-nanopi-neo-t6758.html for some details, but the porting the neoplus2 should be quite straightforward as the neo2 is already supported. They both have quite similar specs IIRC with RAM, EMMC and a WIFI module being the most striking difference…