Volumio on Cubox question

Is it normal for the red “status” light on the Cubox to be off completely when running Volumio? This is the large front panel LED, not the small LED on the rear panel next to the Ethernet jack – that one is flashing rapidly, as normal.

The player is running fine, but I thought the light out indicated a problem… :confused:

I have the same problem. Volumio doesn’t start with cubox, old version.

Yes, is normal.

You sure that Volumio is not starting? Don’t you see anything if you connect via serial?

I connect with putty from a computer on the same network and it doesn’t work.
With LookLan I see that the cubox is not present on the network (if Dhcp works on Volumio) and the red light on front is off.
There must be a problem with the file .img

My Cubox install is connecting fine via Ethernet to my lan, using DHCP.

One thing it may explain this, is that I updated the u-boot…

See here:


Maybe next version will be on ext3, so no problems with older uboots…

I’m glad SOMEONE understands u-boot on the Cubox, aside from the developers at Solidrun (and I’m not entirely sure about them, given some of the posts on the solidrun forums)…I had nothing but problems in that area trying to get LMS working. Please, whatever you do, don’t ask Volumio cubox users to mess with u-boot! :unamused: