Volumio on Cubox crashes periodically

Hi everyone.
I had been using VoyageMPD followed by Mubox for about one year. I was quite satisfied with it until I came across Volumio.
And I fell in love with Volumio’s charming sound.

The only problem is Volumio crashes every hour or so.
It plays OK for some time. Then light distortion appears getting more and more audible. And finally it hangs.
No web access, no response on MPaD. Only SSH is working.
After sudo /etc/init.d/mpd restart Volumio comes back to life.

This problem is not being discussed widely which is strange. Or there is no problem and this is only my Cubox behaviour?

I also have the same issue using beta 1.2 on raspberry pi and sourcing music from a windows share. I am using an asus N150 wireless and a USB dac. An MPD restart via SSH will recover it but it’s a little annoying having to do this before using it each time. Otherwise this is teh perfect solution, sounds great !!

If you are not using NAS on Cubox, uninstall cifs with

apt-get remove cifs-utils

I struggle a lot with Cubox, recompiled its kernel thousands times, it has serious problems with cifs handling… Anyway I’m preparing an updated build for the new Cubox-i4, which is hopefully compatible also with old cubox…
Let me know

I have all my music on NAS.
But I’m using NFS instead of CIFS.
Anyway I’m going to uninstall CIFS and will report of results.
Thanks for advice and great news about future update!

Uninstalled CIFS.
Unfortunately it didn’t work for me. Crashes are still there.

As I mentioned before there is a sound distortion precedes crash. It sounds like increasing wheeze (5-10 seconds) before crash.

I will upload on the Repo a kernel that works good for Cubox, the only thing is that it doesn’t have spdif out. Do you need it?

No, I use only USB output.
Many Thanks!

Here it is

Check the Xilka folder, and hit download. Then overwrite the uImage in boot, remove old modules by

cd /lib/modules rm -rf *

And copy the new ones

Enjoy and let me know!

Done as you described.
Will check it out and report.

4 hours of continuous playing with new kernel - no crash, very stable.
But it sounds different.
At the moment I got back to old kernel. I love it for analog-like sound - soft and powerful.
I will switch to new kernel and back several times to decide which kernel I prefer.

I changed kernel three times comparing sound. Now I’m sure the old one sounds much better.
I don’t know “why and how come”, but there is huge difference. Conceptual, I would say.

michelangelo , before you publish the new image please, please, please draw your attention on it.

Kind@ you are right about analog sound
I have an udoo quad + a linear power supply and Volumio… well… never a digital source sounded more analog.
It is the best source I listening at any price. Simply not perfectible. I stored more than one copy of the first
Volumio beta in two hard disk :slight_smile:

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Is there any easy way to exlude SPDIF support?
Something like cifs uninstallation:
apt-get remove cifs-utils

Spdif is useless in my case for I use USB only.
Would be Volumio more stable? (Cubox v.1)