Volumio on Car

Hi all,

I am using RPI 3 & Allo Boss DAC and I want to bring this system to my car with highest possible quality.

I am thinking about:

Option 1:

  1. Low noise LT1084 power supply board to convert DC12V to 5V for RPI;
  2. Allo Boss DAC;
  3. RPI3.

Option 2:

  2. Low noise LT1084 power supply board to convert DC12V to 5V for RPI;
  3. Allo Isolator;
  4. Allo Boss DAC;
  5. RPI3.

Is Option 1 enough for car noisy environment?
Is Option 2 way more than enough?

Many thanks,

Your car battery will output approx 13.8v with the engine off and 14.4v with the engine running, I suggest you ask this question on diyaudio forum.

The main concern would be alternator whine, that’s if you get any. Where are you taking the power supply from? two options would be either from the spare fuse position or from the head unit harness, if taking from the harness you’ll want to check the voltages available, the project should be rather simple, you’ll need an amp or two, a pair of decent 2 way speakers and a sub, I would also suggest a minidsp or equivalent to take care of the time alignment and other eq parameters, don’t forget to damp your front doors well.

I would also suggest joining a car audio forum in your country, you will find some great bargains on second hand speakers and amps, even wiring.

Lol, just realised I mentioned the wrong forum, diymobileaudio…

Thanks. I am using Volumio on car with a simple USB charger :slight_smile:. It seems not too bad.

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I am fervent Volumio user and want to use it in car as well.

For the whining/audio pollution: this is ground loop issue: just place a good ground loop filter between the DAC and the AUX in and its RESOLVED.
MY challenges are so far:

  1. easy control: touchscreen is nice but not for me: id like to keep it simple with next/back buttons and play/pause. It seems not the GPIO button plugin works? Any experience with it?
  2. The startup/shutdown issue: How can i make SIMPLE solution for the RPI to boot or shutdown without crashing it or leaving it on all the time?

Can you share more concrete implementations? I think its a potential FABULOUS player for int he car!


Would you mind sharing the config / setup?

I have some challenges not cracked/tried:

  1. most handy human interface control: GPIO buttons? Touchscreen (no search!)? Old Smartphone?
    2.)How setup a connection to spotify? Via phone and then stream to RPI? RPI as access point? Then there’s no 4G anymore (phone assumes WIFI connection? Did not try it yet though)

3.) automatic cron fetch routine looking at a folder on my nas @ home WIFI network in order to get new content of MP3/FLAC.


Hello guys, I read this discussion and saw that I use volumio in cars for about a year and a half I wanted to share experiences and solutions with you. Starting from the hardware I have: raspberry (obviously: -)), kali recloker and dac audiophonics 9038q2m. All in a small aluminum case where inside is also the power supply, a low ripple buck converter based on xl4015 chip, which in turn has another small case to shield from possible disturbances. The ignition is by means of a common switch, while the switch-off is carried out by the integrated control in volumium and then disconnects the power supply through the usual switch. Speaking instead of managing Volumio use an ipad that I integrated into the bridge, in a completely removable, so you can also use the browser when necessary. What about the system in general, certainly complex and not for everyone, but I assure you that today no SQ system I have heard has been so detailed, open and natural to this fantastic dac. If you have questions I will try to help you in my little one

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Hello Love your story can you place some PICS please? Is the 4015 clean enough no dirty switching noise?

Have you got the RPI connected to internet and if so, how?


As soon as I have time I gladly post photos. No noise problems for the moment. The 4015 chip I have just mounted so I wait for a long-term judgment. Regarding the connection, I created a hotspot through my smartphone to which I connect both volumio and the ipad. This way I do not lose my data connection on my smartphone and I can also use the maps on ipad

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Love to hear that! And would love to see pictures of your system!

Michelangelo, I’m glad that my system has aroused your interest. I’m from Turin and if I ever happen here, whistle. For the photos you have only a little 'patience, today is my first day of holidays and as soon as I have a free moment I will post it

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With much pleasure! I usually come for Droidcon in Turin, love the city!
Looking forward to see what you did

Here’s how I promised the photos, I’ll show you only the important photos of the changes related to the hardware, while those of the change to the board will arrive. If you can I can put the YouTube links that are worth more than the photos. Obviously I refer to the modification of the dashboard, which is the only part still work in progress

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While this is the modification to the knob to house the Satechi bluetooth remote control. Which unfortunately I have not managed to make it work directly with Volumio

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That remote is really cool, very very pity you didn’t get to make it work! How did you intend to make it work? THrough Bluetooth? Maybe anyone in this forum can give a helping hand?
Have you checked out the audio? How do you now control it? By Ipad/Phone?
How about startup/shutdown?

Thanks, I’m glad you liked it. For the moment the only way to use it (partially) and go through the link bt all’ipad through the dedicated app of Volumio. But unfortunately the app does not take full ownership of the bt commands but only those of the volume. I’m sure it can be solved by software, and I hope Michelangelo and his team take this development into consideration. It would be really fantastic. As for turning on and off anything to say, just have that minute of patience and the game is done, and for the results I have achieved are more than willing to this little wait

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Lol, I did the same audio system in my own car that I use working as a courier, spent around $500 for it, and the next day I was lucky enough to get into an accident during delivery of goods and there was no my faulty. And you know what? This system was broken as well as the goods I delivered because of it wasn’t purposed for such cases and I thought I will spend another $500 for fix of system, but my Courier Insurance paid me compensations for damaged goods and even made me 70% discount for car repair, and it took only $100 to repair my car :slight_smile:

My sistem on Peugeot 208

Amazing job!