volumio on a virtual machine


I have volume running on a raspberry pi in my campervan, which works great! :smiley:

I want to look at how I can make it sync with google music or iTunes… so as I buy and album there it gets into my offline library in my van. anything i buy on my mac at home just appears in my google music for my linux workstation at work, be great if it just appeared in my van as well :slight_smile:

To work on getting to his to work I want to run a version on my computer as a virtual machine, I use vmware but can work with any vm… there doesn’t seem to be an emulator for pi … however thats most likely not what i really need a basic linux image should allow me to build/test it … is there a source/rpm/deb whatever version ? i can install on a basic linux build or has some made a vm image ??

I have had a good look around the site and on google and cant seem to find it … i can’t image i am on the only person to ever want to spin a vm for development ?

Thanks in advance for any help …


A year ago I did some test with qemu. I can’t find the way I did it but have you had a look here https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=70827&p=514442 ?

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