Volumio On A NAS

Hi All,
Excuse this post if it’s been covered before or if,well, it’s something that is nothing more than an annoyance :slight_smile:

I have a Synology DS718+ and have been using their Media Server package for a while, but I am at the stage I am not getting what I need from it any longer.

I’ve looked around and nothing quite ticked the boxes I need until I saw Volumio.

I have a range of end point devices from “high end” to “budget” and all comply with unpn/dlna.

I Have a Large high res FLAC collection and want to go into the realms of DSD once I get a Synology Media Station replacement in opperation

I was wondering if I could run Volumio on my Synology Nas (maybe even as a VM), but cast to the end points via upnp/dlna?

The NAS itself is not only out of the way in another room, but it also has no audio outpouts.

Thanks in advance