Volumio on 2009 macbook


I request your help, cause i’m trying to transform an old 2009 macbook into a dedicated hi-fi player.
Actually the laptop is under debian buster (gnome desktop) but it works a bit slowly.
My music is on a external HDD and on the macbook internal HDD too, i listen web radio time to time.
I used a Cambridge MagicDAC100.

I downloaded the volumio x86/64 version, flash to SD and to a usb stick (tried both) boot from them, and i stuck on the VOLUMIO page or the 3 dots of charging. no error message, no blackscreen, just look stuck. I waited 10 minutes each times.

I tried them on another computer more recent and volumio was launch fastly and well.

Here my questions :

1/ How can i make my macbook running volumio ?
2/ can I play media from an external HDD with USB plug to my macbook or the macbook internal HDD with volumio ?

Thanks fo your help.

Well after a numerous try i finally boot on volumio with the usb stick (SDcard doesn’t boot).
I installed it on the Hard drive, was able to reboot on it.
But now after a new boot, i stuck after the volumio screen on a multi pixel screen (grey and black, like if there is a probeme with the graphic card or something). The OS is really unstable here.

Any suggestion ?