Volumio of my house

Hello guys,
this is my first technical post.
Yesterday I installed my Volumio on a Lenovo Tiny i5 6gbram. the device does not have the cdrom and wireless network module.
I burned the live iso to a USB memory - SanDisk Ultra 16GB USB 3.0. the installation went very well and I really like the setup of the media player.

I have some problems in use:
1- Volumio apparently does not work on the network:

  • But I can download updates and new plug-ins.
  • is currently connected to a LAN (cable).

2- Volumio does not see two perfectly functioning network drives:

  • both are on Windows systems (Fixed —> Windows 10 pro; Micronas —> Windows Home Server 2011).
  • they are identical in size as the second is a NAS.
  • both disks have the NTFS file system.

3- Volumio oes not shutdwn:

  • I click “shutdown” but Volumio restarts.

I ask you to help me solve the problems, I searched the forum but I did not find any old posts.
I would like to buy a 1200Mbps WiFi Wireless USB Adapter (no less), I ask you for advice which is the most suitable.

Thanks for your suggestions

It’s not easy to give advice when we can’t see the full path to the network drives.

On previous posters with similar problems it has been extra \ or / in the path or using the wrong one.

Can you post your full path, change letters only to * but leave all other characters in

Hello andrewnorth,
here is the complete path of the two network shares. also I was able to copy the error that appears in Volumio.


can you help me in this too?

Thanks for your suggestions

I use NAS4Free on mine

so my path looks like \\nas/FLAC Music (file share type is CIFS on mine as well)

It may be worth trying again using / in the path section rather than \

also just remembered, I had errors when I used / as the first character in the path (mine now says nas/FLAC Music

Hope some of the above works :slight_smile:

hi andrewnorth

volumio doesn’t work anyway.
I would like to ask if from the console (shell) I can modify the file /mnt/samba.