Volumio not reconnect to web radio after internet down

Hi, i use volumio to play web radio, if internet go down, when up volumio don’t reconnect to the last webradio.

I use the last ver of volumio with Raspberry pi 2, usb sound board and plugin autoplay.

Thank u


I think the same thing happens to me, how did you solve it?

The same happens to me - RPi3B.

I have written my own Python code. Seemed much simpler than a plugin. My algorithm is essentially:

if current state = ='play' if wifi receive rate has dropped below 8kbps os.system('ifconfig wlan0 down') os.system('ifconfig wlan0 up') os.system('systemctl restart wireless')

could you make a small guide for me to make your phyton code work on my raspberry zero?

Much simpler, but not so user friendly :wink: Please consider generating a plugin based on your python script, so everyone may benefit from your expertise.

Unfortunately a python plug-in is a lot more work.