Volumio not reading the Album tag on .wav files

I have several .wav files that are properly tagged with album names. Volumio sees the files, and can play them, but does not read the ‘Album’ tag. Because it cannot read the album tag, it does not group the content in the album view.

See attached screen grab…volumio groups 3 Radiohead albums (stored in .flac format), but does not see the album tag for the album ‘A Moon Shaped Pool.’ I have verified the album tags in both windows file explorer and mp3tag.

Screen Shot 2020-05-20 at 5.16.10 PM.jpg

I’ve noticed the same.
Any albums/songs I had as wav files have now been converted to flac.
Same sound, better tagging and behaviour.

Volumio on nu minidsp SHD Studio has the same issue.

Same here, all my music files are wav for best sound. Album tags are not read in Volumio which is really annoying. Album art isn’t read either…

Also letters with (French) accents are not read, eg Léo Ferré becomes L?o Ferr?

Use flac, same quality/sound, better behaved with tags.

In my system wav sounds better. I tried alac, flac and aiff but every time wav sounded better.
Wav album tags are added in dbpoweramp and are read by every other program but not by Volumio, so I don’t think it would be that difficult for for the Volumio programmers to correct this.

Maybe try Moode then, perhaps it will handle the tagged wav files better. Some people say it sounds better too.