Volumio not connecting to wifi network

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.882
Hardware: raspberry pi, don’t remember which version
DAC: hifiberry dac pro I think

This is a setup I’ve been using for years with little to no problems mostly. Suddenly after updating to this latest version I am having a major problem. Can’t find the volumio on my wifi like usual, so look in the wifi, and sure enough, there’s the volumio transmitting it’s hotspot thing. I connect to it, and reconnect it to the wifi, and while it says “success!” it doesn’t actually connect, and goes back to the hotspot. So I can’t update it or anything. Any clues on how to proceed with this? Do I need to initialize it or something?

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And of course a few minutes after posting this it started working correctly again. So… never mind. Sorry for the intrusion.

Good! Enjoy your music!:wink:

Not completely out of the woods yet on this. It disconnected again today, and I had to do the “connect to volumio hotspot, tell it to connect to wifi” song and dance again. It worked for a short while, but now I can’t connect to it any more. I’ll probably have to restart it again. Something is clearly amiss, as it used to work flawlessly (for years!).

Sound more like a network thing.
Have you reserved an ip in the DHCP server in the past for your pi?
If yes;
remove it and reserve it again
If No:
Reserve an ip to the MAC’s pi.

I haven’t, but just now added that. We’ll see if it helps. Thanks!

make sure to reboot the pi, so it will get the reserved IP assigned. Then Volumio is simply accessible via it’s ip, instead of volumio.local.