Volumio not booting on a RPi 4 model B

Hi Volumio,

I have a raspberry pi 4 and am trying to install Volumio on it. I have flashed the latest Volumio software using Balena Etcher (onto a USB Drive) and plugged that into the RPi. I have plugged in an ethernet and then power just to get things setup (im hoping to use just wifi on the long run). Unfortunately I do not think Volumio is booting. I cannot access Volumio.local/ and have tried android, Mac and windows devices. I also cannot see a Volumio hotspot on any devices.

Is Volumio compatible with the Raspberry Pi model B? It seems many others have managed to get this working.

If anyone has any suggestions or has managed to get Volumio working on an RPi 4 model B please let me know!

use sd instead of usb and you fine…

there is no sd or micro sd card port on the RPi, only USB. So do you mean micro sd to USB adapter and use that?

there is one on normal rpi 4,
i have a rpi4 / 4g
it’s small and if you have the usb on the right you will find it on the left bottom in the middle …

found it! possibly one of the most embarrassing moments of my life, thank you.


burn the image with balena etcher or with pi Imager and your done :slight_smile:

will do, but have to buy some micro sd as all mine are in phones. Can I use it as music storage as well as a boot drive or is that impossible?
Might be possible through a partition…

volumio uses the whole sd with 3 partitions on it you could use the sd as volumio and as storage, usb or a powered external drive or a network drive you can pick what you like …