Volumio>nfs mount from outside network?

Currently I have Volumio set up as multiroom, accessing a server via an nfs mount. It works almost perfectly. I’m trying to work out how I would access this from outside that network, when I am on vacation. I am very familiar with port forwarding, etc but not sure if that is the answer. In my setup, it seems the “master” (for want of a better term) Volumio instance, the one containing the multiroom group, accesses the nfs mount and then multicasts the music to the group members. Obviously I don’t care whether the music is playing in the rest of the house if I’m on vacation, so if I had to temporarily break that in order to have remote music access, that would be fine. Does anyone know if this is possible?

(The other option is to buy a 512gb sd card and copy all my music to it and be done with the whole problem, but it’d be cool to access what’s already there. I used to do exactly that with plexamp, it’s on the same server, but plexamp is lacking the multiroom functionality, which is the most important to me.)

Buy the SD card.

Exporting NFS over the internet is one of those things where, just because you can doesn’t mean you should. If you have to ask how, you defintely shouldn’t. Because you will leave a gaping hole in your firewall and get pwned. You could secure the NFS export with a VPN but that is an additional layer of hurt.

yea, good point. I just realized that I have a spare pi 4b and a 5tb usb drive lying around doing nothing, so I think I’ll try using Volumio in stand-alone mode, that way I only have to rsync the music once (right before leaving for vacation, etc.) (And to your point, I was going to use a vpn but as you said, another layer of hurt, and real hard to troubleshoot/fix when out of the house. yea, been there, done that with plex already, but it works fine now.) Also, using Volumio allows me to control the music via phone, tablet and laptop. I’m sure there are tons of other ways to do it, but I paid for a year of Volumio, might as well use it, and I’m familiar with it.